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The Bike Club at Rosedale Middle School is one of our largest groups, full of energetic students. This site has a unique advantage– the Rozark Trails are right behind the school. We have taken our mountain bikes on the trails as well as helped to clean them up and make them safer for hikers and bikers. This group has also worked together on a mural that will debut in Spring of 2015 at 42nd & Mission. Here’s what some of our students had to say about Bike Club:

“Bike Club is an exciting club where I get to make new friends, meet new people in different grades.” -Hla Ku

“Before Bike Club, I wasn’t really sure if I could ride on the streets or not. I would just ride on the sidewalk. I didn’t know how to signal, but I feel safer now that I’ve learned that. I started riding my bike to school after I got one in Bike Club.” -Evan

“The mural is a sign of what Bike Club people can do- what kids are capable of. Not only artists can do it. Kids are artists, starting another generation of art.” -Sadaq