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Kids can do a whole lot more than adults give them credit for!  In six classes, kids 12 and up will repair a bike for themselves and for someone else, learn the skills they need to maintain and safely ride their bikes anywhere, and earn a refurbished bike.

How it works:

Up to 15 youth at each program site learn the basics of bicycle repair while carefully overhauling and repairing donated children’s bikes, which are given to younger children.  After three sessions, they are allowed to choose a donated bicycle of their own to refurbish and keep!

Each class lasts from two to three hours, depending on the needs of the program site and participants.  We usually teach classes twice each week, for three weeks, before moving on to Bike Club activities. In the class, participants learn all the skills they need to repair, maintain and safely ride their new wheels.

Youth who “earn-a-bike” are encouraged to come back to help others learn as volunteers in later classes, as well as to get out and go on group rides on their new bikes.  These Master Mechanics are the core of our program, and youth who stay involved get the most out of our offerings.

The last three sessions are focused on repairing the bicycle the youth will keep and on learning how to ride safely.  The very last thing we will do as a group is go on a ride together around the neighborhood!