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FreeWheels for Kids teaches fourth and fifth graders bike riding and traffic safety skills during their PE class. We practice riding on safety courses and give special attention to those who haven’t yet mastered riding a bike. The semester is concluded with a Bike Rodeo– we invite the students’ families to come see what skills we’ve learned and participate in a bike raffle for students and their younger siblings.


Promote Safe and Healthy lifestyle through biking

  • Administer hands-on education that covers beginning riding skills to practiced road skills
  • Make bike riding materials available
  • Youth behavior supported with adult participation

Transform the school community into a ‘bike friendly’ location

  • Provide support materials and training for school
  • Work on strategies to support Biking to School objectives with community partners

Provide low income families with training and access to bikes as transportation

  • Materials and training, entire family equipped
  • Mapping support and community advocacy